How to export Anki decks to a Word file

I have a deck on Anki that I want to copy to Word platform and print out with photos I have added to my cards. How can I do this?

I installed “searching, PDF reading & Note taking” Add-On = 1781298089 but I don’t understand how to use it.

I only found video that shows how to add pdf files to your Anki deck but it’s not what I want. I want it as PDF file out of Anki so I can copy it to Word and print it

Please help!

Anki’s exported text files might look enough like the kind of CSV files that Word will import.
See: Anki Manual
How to import a CSV file into a word document – Support Centre
I’m sure the photos will not make that trip, but maybe the links to them in the media folder that Anki maintains for you might transfer.

I’ve never done this, and consider it kind of a long shot, but again, it might help.

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