How to export a collection to csv/txt WITH scheduling info?

So I know I can export a collection to txt (actually it’s csv if I look but ok) but it doesn’t come with the scheduling info. Is there a way (an addon?) to do so? Don’t ask me why but I need the csv/txt, not the apkg or what have you. Thanks.

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“discussed”. You were the only one who replied and I had to solve it my own way after all (update: I succeeded after 10 minutes fiddling with db and Python)… No need to revive this thread without adding anything to it, let’s just have it close automatically.

I’m just letting folks know that it’s likely no additional help is needed here. Something you could have done yourself, since you solved your issue on your own so easily.

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I forgot to do it because I was pissed off and I don’t live on the internet and I’m having a stressful month at my workplace…It also got no attention so I just forgot it. More input for the poor fella who comes across this issue would be welcome anyway, just saying. That’s not a very niche thing to need.

Then let’s not pollute the thread with a bunch of unnecessary off-topic sniping. The question was double-posted. Now anyone who finds this one will find that one. I’m sure they’ll come running to you for your personal solution. It’s win-win-win.

Please stop it. I told you I’m already very stressed, be nice at least or ignore me so I don’t get another day ruined. THANKS.