How to duplicate deck with correct sorting

Hi, I know this is an niche requirement (and also often not recommended) but I’d like to duplicate a whole deck without any learning progress.

The background is that we are learning Toki Pona with my daughter and I’d like to let her check out anki with some very small steps (like 3-5 cards per day) and have a separate deck for her progress. We do this on Android and she does not have her own phone yet.

I’ve tried exporting the files as text or using the anki desktop or using the deck duplication plugin: (anki code: 1779572689) but both approaches copy the deck without the order information. It is imporant for me that the order is the same as I’m copying from a “Toki Pona ordered by usage frequency” deck.

Is this possible to do without manually reordering the entries in the file?

If you export the cards with scheduling, then import them into a new profile, you could see if you can restore the original order by sorting on creation date, and then resetting the cards to new. AnkiDroid does not support profiles yet, but you could approximate a separate profile for your daughter by installing one of the AnkiDroid variants.

Thanks dae. I’ve sorted the collection manually, luckily toki pona has only 123 words :slight_smile: I’ve checked this on a new profile and there the sorting order was the same. So the problems with ordering arose from the fact that I already had some cards due for learning, and this also meant that most of the cards were in the correct order already, so It wasn’t too much work.

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