How to do case-sensitive searches in browser?

Is there an option to perform case-sensitive searches in the browser? I am a medical student and we use many abbreviations. For example, I want to search for “RA” (abbreviation for rheumatoid arthritis). However, if I type “RA” into the search bar, I will obviously get all matches for “ra” even if they are part of a regular word, i.e. “rapid”, “oral,” etc.

I don’t see any options in the AnkiWeb manual.

Asking for Anki 2.26+.

Thanks in advance.

You can search by regular expression and turn on case sensitivity: re:(?-i)RA will only match if the two letters are uppercase.


You may find ‘w:ra’ easier, which will match ‘ra/RA’ only when it starts and ends on a word boundary.