How to customize the cloze syntax?

I would like to change the default syntax of any cloze to a custom syntax, as shown in this example :

{{c1::France}} —> {{ France}}
{{c1::France::country}} —> {{ France ( country) }}

In other word I want “c1::” and “::” to be deleted or changed because I don’t need them.

I think this Add-on is supposed to do that, but I don’t know how to use it :
Is there any way to do so ?
Any help Please, Thanks advanced !

You know there is a shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+C to make a cloze?
The description of that add-on does not seem to mention any simpler syntax for clozes.
The point of the inconvenient syntax is so that it doesn’t collide with the languages of the card’s content.

No, you can’t change the syntax. Adding/Editing - Anki Manual, Card Generation - Anki Manual

Maybe try checking this: Cloze Anything (Sample Deck), Cloze Anything (Add-on)

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