Adding notes w/ custom type featuring cloze syntax

I have a custom note type that I often use. Among other things, it uses javascript to handle cloze fields using the same {{c1::syntax}} as the official cloze note type.

However, when I try to add cards with this note type, I see a Cloze deletion can only be used on cloze notetypes error and the add button does not work. Is there any way for me to mark the note type as “cloze” somehow so that this error goes away?

Note: I have thousands upon thousands of notes with this note type, so I don’t want to create a new note type based on the existing cloze type (even assuming that would work to fix the error). For the most part I create them by importing CSV files, where this issue does not arise. However, it would be nice to be able to add cards manually from time to time. Also, I can edit the cards in the browser; I also see the same Cloze deletion can only be used on cloze notetypes error message but it doesn’t prevent me from making edits.

One solution is to use a custom syntax instead. The Closet add-on for example uses [[c1::text]].

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