How to create a "vocabulary testing style" card - with non-voluntary result evaluation?

Hi, fellows!

Sorry if I’m having problems using the right words for describing my problem, but I’ll try:

I’m using Anki myself for learning languages, and it’s one of the program’s strengths that you can evaluate the result of each card question all by myself.

However, I now want to help my daughter learn English orthography - one of her weak points. I’d like to give her a card with the word in our own language, and then she’s got to type in the exact (!) English word from her text book, and then see if she was right or wrong. The problem with Anki (and her) is that I can’t trust her to honestly evaluate the correctness / accuracy of her own answers. Using another software I’ve seen that after 5 minutes she’s getting bored, and then she’ll click away all the cards as “right”, even though her answer was wrong. When I ask her about it, she’s giving all kind of excuses, so I just know I can’t rely on her this way.

Is it possible to have a card format, or is there an add-on that allows me to have the queries like that:

Question: (the word she’s got to translate into English)

Answer: (she’s got to type the English word with its exact letters, as in her textbook)

Answer = right → display of the right form → next card

Answer = wrong → display of the right form → next card, and this card will be repeated later in the same session - without her being allowed to evaluate the result herself.

The last point is crucial. Can it be done with Anki, and if yes: how?

If no: can you recommend me another (suitable) program? I’d prefer Linux, but Windows is also an option.

Thanks for helping us here, and Greetings!

I also use Anki to teach my son (10y) languages, and that’s exactly my situation, but I don’t see it as a problem, the fact that you’re with your daughter motivates her to learn, you can also clarify certain points and so on.

If you find a way of leaving your daughter with anki (or any other program) alone, I’m afraid that it won’t work so well

Well, I’ve tried with her, and I’ve good reason to look for the solution I’ve been asking for. I knew my request would draw good pedagogical advice, but I really need a practical solution. So thanks to anyone who can help!

This add-on could be what you want: auto rate typed answer - AnkiWeb

@abdo: Hi and thanks! Well: this add-on could have been what I wanted, and I had almost tried, but then I read (in your description): “If the typed in answer doesn’t match you will see the answer and have to grade for yourself because I don’t like automatically grading wrong answers.”

But that’s exactly what I need! This is totally about having the exact spelling, so of course typos need to count, too - that’s the whole point. Maybe there’s a way to modify your code a little bit so that your add-on does what I need…? Just asking.

Still, I appreciate the goodwill - thanks!

(Info to reader: my original question / request is still open.)

I’m not the author of the add-on and I’m not sure how to modify the add-on to support this. I recommend posting a feature request to the add-on support page here: Auto rate typed answer [Official thread]

I found this thread because the forum software notified me about abdo’s link to my thread. I made “auto rate typed answer”.

when I made this add-on about two years ago there wasn’t an easy way to override the button a user presses.

About 18 months ago a new option for add-on makers was built into anki (a gui_hook named reviewer_will_answer_card) that allows me to override the button a user pressed.

That should be a pretty quick fix but it’s far from ideal because this doesn’t change the label on the buttons and the intervals shown over them. So the results are surprising. But I prefer a half working solution over nothing.

Maybe I’ll find some time this or next weekend.

@Repeatnik: If I make this update for you would you post about experiences with anki for your daughter (e.g. after some weeks of using my addon) , kind of like this post, which was very popular on reddit ?


@Repeatnik : I just uploaded a new version. You need to change the add-on config to ignore user ratings on mismatches and force an again/1 rating. Let me know if this works. This new feature needs testing.

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@abdo: Ah, OK. Still, thanks for the idea!

@ijgnd: A ton of thanks here :+1: Presently I’m hanging in the midst of work here, and tomorrow I’m going to get my second jab … But I’ll get back to this here as soon as I can, and give it a try. And you’ll get my feedback - on your official add-on thread. See you :slight_smile: