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How to control the amount of Flashcards

Hello Community,

I have been using Anki for about 2 months.
I enter New cards everyday around 20, each day with a different title according to the subject I am studying.
Now I feel I have to spend too much time opening each subject, versus just answering the questions if I had them just under 1 only title.
My computer is Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6.

What do you recommend to be more agile studying everyday?
Can I copy them in just one title? How?
Do you have any example video as how to do it more efficiently, please?
Let me know.

Warm regards,

I’m not sure what you mean by “title” - maybe what Anki calls “decks”?

Just to be sure: You downloaded your Anki from and it looks like in these official introductory videos:


maybe useful:

This is long but very useful: Michael Nielsen has written a thorough piece about long term memory and how he uses Anki.

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If you’d like to merge the content of multiple decks into a single deck, please see


Thank you for your e-mail.

I answer your questions.

Yes I meant Decks.

Yes I downloaded Anki from the official webpage. Thank you for making sure.

The thing is that in the menu I just have:

So can I add some extension in the Settings, please?

Let me know,

The instructions linked above refer to the computer version of Anki - you appear to have the web version open, which only provides limited features. Please locate the app you downloaded (or fetch it from if you haven’t already), and then open it - you should find the interface matches the description in the manual.