How to build an automatic workflow to generate different card from one note

I have had a hard time trying to build an expected workflow to automatically build cards that I want.

I have a cloze type note that I use to generate cards into one deck.
What I need is this:
I want to use these notes to automatically generate cards without cloze (very important!) and put them into the different deck.
One cloze note template -> generate cloze cards and put them in a deck A and then generate non-cloze card and put them in a deck B.
All card based on the same note (cloze note).

Is it possible?

You cannot add card types in Cloze type notes. You’d need to use a Q&A based note and have one cardtype showing the the cloze and a second one without it. Keep in mind this aproach is for one cloze only, so if you are using multiple clozes in one card that’s another story.

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