How many tags can Anki store?

I was wondering how many tags you can have? I think there is a limit of 100 tags per note, but how many tags can a collection have overall? Could I have a tag for each word in a foreign language I am learning? Also is there a way to search for all tags that have more than x notes in the search bar? I want to see words (tags) that show up more than x times in my collection.

Jeez. This is clearly not how tags are intended to be used. You’d have so many tags, it would be unwieldy.

Does unwieldy mean impossible? Would the application crash? Is there a limit?

Unwieldy means ‘too large or disorganised to function efficiently’. Your suggestion is like putting multiple bookmarks on every page of a book. That would not help you navigate the book.


I agree with @harrylang100 – if you have 100+ tags per note, you might as well have zero tags per note, because they won’t help you manage anything.

No, but you can click on any tag name in the sidebar (or search for any tag), and Anki will show you the cards/notes that use that tag.


The more tags you add, the slower things like opening the browser will get. They’re intended to group notes together, not be unique to each note.


Got it. I am exporting my Anki notes to Excel. So, for my purposes, I’ll just use a field to hold all my ‘tags’. I have a further questions: What’s the limit to how many notes/cards/media a collection can have? I am guessing that the amount of data you can have on AnkiWeb is way less than what you can store locally.

As far as AnkiWeb – if want to sync, there are size limitations you need to take into account. Are there limits on file sizes on AnkiWeb? - Frequently Asked Questions

Other than that, unless you’re planning something outlandishly spectacular, I wonder if this can be filed under “questions that don’t need an answer.”

Is there a theoreti-actual limit? Most likely.
Are you ever going to reach it? Not likely. (See the examples give in that same FAQ.)


I don’t know what you are doing, but AnkiMorphs could be relevant to it. More so MorphMan, but it doesn’t work with recent Anki versions.
Just don’t click the “Tags” column in the “Note Filters” tab in its settings if you have many tags.


Never heard of this before. I just watched a couple of videos and this is very similar to what I am trying to do. Thanks for sharing!

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