How to Sort Cards by Number of Tags in Anki?

I’ve been trying to find a way to sort my cards by the number of tags each card has

Specifically, I’m looking to:

  • Count the number of tags associated with each card.
  • Sort the cards in the browser view based on this tag count.

I am open to using add-ons if necessary. If anyone knows of an add-on that can accomplish this, I’d really appreciate your guidance!

Thank you!

I’m not sure I’ve heard of anyone looking for a feature like that before. It’s not supported natively in Anki.

I’m sure you have your reasons for wanting it, but I’ll be honest that a use case for it isn’t immediately clear. It seems like a note could have few or many tags and that wouldn’t tell you much about anything, without considering which tags they are. If you’re interested in putting this up as a suggestion, you might want to offer more explanation for how the quantity of tags on a note/card would be useful information for you.

Theoretically (and pretty speculatively, since I don’t develop add-ons myself) – it seems at least possible for an add-on. The number of tags is not calculated anywhere in the database, but the tags are stored together. They are conceivably countable, and then could be displayed as a sortable column. This is similar to what Advanced Browser does (calculating values and displaying them) – so you might want to see if the AnKing folks are interested in taking this up – if they find it useful for their users too.

Hi Danika_Dakika,

This feature would primarily be useful for large premade decks, such as the AnKing deck @AnKingMed . The rationale behind wanting to sort cards by the number of tags is based on the idea that cards with more tags might correlate to higher yield. The thought process is that the more tags a card has, the more frequently the concept shows up in resources, banks, and practice tests. This could potentially make it easier to distinguish high-yield cards from low-yield ones.

It does appear that Anki counts the number of tags associated with each card. As shown in the attached image, Anki displays the number of tags (underlined in red) at the top of the tag list for each card. If an add-on could utilize this count to create a sortable column, it might achieve the desired functionality.

I’m open to any ideas on how to implement this!

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