Card count for tags

Can someone please figure out how to make an addon which shows how many cards are available for each tag in my deck when doing a custom study session?

This would be the easiest way allow me to study more specifically by topic e.g., hand anatomy, or cardiac haemodynamics, without having to tediously look through each tag on the browser and create filtered decks from there. With the hundreds of tags on the overhaul deck for instance, not to mention other decks, that method which has been suggested to me is highly impractical.

Ideally there would also be a way to sort by the number of cards. So that out of 300 due cards I can click custom study, sort tags by number of cards due, then say “Okay I have a lot of topic X, I will study all those together, same goes with topic Y” - I believe studying relevant content together can be more effective, particularly when first learning a subject. However I admit for the sake of practicality if for topics A, B, and C they only add up to a few cards I’ll just study them all together.

Bump, does anyone think this is a good idea? Any alternatives instead?