How can I sort a deck on iOS?

I am currently backpacking South America and learning Spanish as I go. I want to use this deck “9000 Spanish sentences - difficulty sorted with native audio” - 9000 Spanish sentences - difficulty sorted with native audio - AnkiWeb however the cards are not appearing sorted by difficulty. Instead they appearing with difficulties of approximately 4000/9000.

Is this something I’m able to resolve on the iOS app and without using the desktop version? I don’t have my laptop with me.

I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to reposition cards in AnkiMobile.

I found out how to do it! It’s a bit glitchy but what you can do is go to the deck, then study options, change insertion order to random, hit save, then change it back to sequential and save it - for me it’s now in the correct order (lowest to highest difficulty).

No idea how this works but I’m sorted!

Glad to hear this solved your problem. Please note this will only work if the desired order happens to be the same order the cards were initially added in.

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