How can I share Anki arm64 build as app? I have build anki & aqt wheel successfully for Arch Linux and Ubuntu20.04

I have successfully build wheel for anki for arm64. But how can I share it as one app so that user download and start using it?
Also I have tested it on Termux proot-distro linux and works fine.

You can build a bundle with pyinstaller, py2exe or similar tools, assuming they support arm64.

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Okay, I will do this. Thanks

Infinity, I did installed your Wheels and is working perfectly.
But I have two minor questions.
When I open the application it asks me to import a file, but do not show witch.
And obvious detect that Iā€™m running an old version, I know I can just Ignore, but what if not? It will to install! the AMD version instead, am I right?