Problems installing anki via Pip on a Raspberry Pi 3


I’m currently trying to install anki (version 2.1.40) via pip on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Unfortunately, I can’t install newer version of anki, since my pip’s wheel tags don’t match for anki versions >2.1.35. The problem seems to be, that Raspi has an aarch64 processor, but there are only wheel files for x86-64 platforms on the PyPI page.
If I’ve understood this correctly, arm64 platforms were added in db3308e0 on Github, but they somehow don’t appear on PyPI. Is this correct? If so, is there any chance or are there any plans for adding wheel files also for aarch64?

PyPI does not even support arm as far as I’m aware. Some changes have been made to Anki’s build system to unblock things for advanced users, but they have not been tested, and no support is available I’m afraid.

Thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile:
I’m not so familiar with PyPI, but for example numpy has some _aarch64 wheel files on the project page.
Nevertheless, thanks for clarifying that. :+1:

Ah, looks like there’s been some progress in that area since I last checked, but important dependencies like PyQt do not have arm64 wheels available.