Can i choose to install 2.1.54 by the python wheel method? thx

i stuck /w an arm lenovo duet 2020 chromebook.

i googled the forum that no one package for arm cpu (something like that)

ok i am ok /w whatever method like python wheel.

i saw instructions here:
(details at bottom)

As discussed before, i wanna stick to 2.1.54 as a long term support version to prevent messing updates of anki/addons.

so can i choose 2.1.54 to install by the python wheel method?
if yes, how?

and … anyone /w arm CB successfully do so before /w the python wheel method? thanks.

CBs out sell macs. CBs should be respected.

Via PyPI/pip

If you have a local Python 3.9 installation, you can also install beta builds directly with pip.

Anki will be installed in a local Python folder called ‘pyenv’.

Mac (both Intel/Apple), and Linux (x86_64)

Linux (ARM)

As there are no PyQt packages on PyPI for Linux/ARM, you will need to have your distro’s PyQt5 packages already installed. Eg on Debian 11:

$ sudo apt install python3-pyqt5.{qtwebengine,qtmultimedia}

Or on Fedora:

$ sudo dnf install python3-qt5-webengine

Then run the following:

$ python3.9 -m venv --system-site-packages pyenv
$ pyenv/bin/pip install --upgrade pip
$ pyenv/bin/pip install --upgrade --pre aqt
$ pyenv/bin/anki
  • Repeat the last step if you wish to start the same Anki version again.
  • Repeat the last two steps to update to the latest beta and start it.


btw, i think “pyenv/bin/pip install --upgrade --pre aqt” is the line install anki?
aqt = anki qt?

dont see any version number stick to it, thanks

just googled, pypl allows.

so if aqt = anki qt then may be it works that way.


hi, from pypI, i found this

their command to install is by this:
pip install anki==2.1.54

howcome this is NOT inside that officially at #1’s link?

what is aqt then? thanks

ok, finally saw an old entry, say use “anki” or “aqt” instead.

to install v2.1.54, use
pip install aqt==2.1.54

shd be solved.

as said,
i could only install v2.1.54 qt5 on my arm CB lenovo duet 2020.

the only problem for me is that the start up command above not working.

i have to go into /home/(user)/.local/bin
i find the anki here, and type ./anki

wait to see if other PC using qt6, this CB use qt5 is harmful or not.


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