How can I automatically re-introduce years old suspended leeches into my studying?

Leeches - Anki Manual (

I have 2,682 leeches, 15% of my deck.
They all became leeches and got suspended due to interference, since every word is a synonym for some other word.

Since I have waited a couple years in some cases, I would imagine whatever interfered is now learned.

So, how can I automatically re-introduce these cards back into my studies?

Ideally, I would like to randomly pull from the leech pile, and when that happens up the leech threshold to 16, since 8 is already maxed out.

Let’s say I have 80 cards due today. Is there a way to set the cap to 100, so I would do those 80 reviews and then do 20 random suspended leeches?

I would prefer to do everything in the same deck and not create a new deck.

Given that these cards may be in decks where there are still new cards and you do not want to move them to a separate deck, the best option would be a filtered deck.
For example, you create a deck with the parameters of 20 review cards per day. Tag the leeches
and use the tag to collect them into a filtered deck. Place the filtered deck in a previously created deck.

If you do not want to globally redo the conditions for getting into leeches for the deck, then discard the cards. But then, instead of 20 overview maps, you will need to change the setting to 20 new ones.

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I only have one deck for all 17,000 cards. Since they are all the same subject.

With FSRS, I would rather not use two separate decks.

Also, the Anki manual says I can’t include suspended cards in filtered decks, which is what I would like to include.

So remove the suspension. And put a deck with filtered deck* inside your c 17000 so that it does not bother you.

You don’t have to make a new preset to change the number of new and review cards for a single deck.

If you don’t have any more new cards in this deck, then just turn the leeches into new cards and learn 20 a day.


Do you mean make a new subdeck? That shouldn’t be necessary either.

I do not want to reset any cards or make them new cards, there is a lot of data there that I would like to keep.

If you don’t want to reset them, you could give them special separate tag and study them in Custom Study Deck.

And how do you lose date if you reset them? If I understand correctly, you could reset them without losing your repetition history.


Then don’t do it. I have offered you options with and without discarding cards.

In the topic header, you asked for the opportunity to do this in one deck. Therefore, this is the solution. If you are ready to manually enter leech cards, then just create a filtered deck.
There is no real movement of cards to other decks. A filtered deck temporarily stores cards. And the new deck is designed to limit the filtered deck to 20 cards per day.

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More like this:
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You’re talking about the “Reviews Sort Order”. It will depend on how you implement it.

Review Sort Order


Deck, then due date

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" * Deck, then due date: This option will ensure reviews are shown for each subdeck in turn. This is generally not recommended, as having material appear consistently in the same order makes it easier to guess the answer based on context, and may lead to weaker memories."

How would material appear consistently in the same order?

As I understand it. If you had subdeck, the material would be shown sequentially: Immediately the cards that are in the deck, then the cards of the upper subdeck, then the cards of the nextsubdeck, etc.
But since you don’t have them, there’s nothing to worry about. I have never used this sorting myself.
To be sure, you can wait for other answers.

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