Seperate reverse cards

Hello. I’d like to have the option of seperating the reversed card from the main one.

I use Anki to learn Quebec Sign Language. I’m better at understanding signs than at producing them. If I use the basic (and reversed card) note type, when one card is leeched, both sides are leech. But I usually have difficulty only with the one side.

For the moment, I create two cards with reversed information. But it is a longer process than having Anki do it automatically.

Thank you!

When Anki identifies a leech, the note is tagged, but only the card in question is suspended.

I usually make a special deck with leeched card to revise them more thoroughly, and both sides of the card are included.

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When you say “special deck”, do you mean a filtered deck?

You can search for cards that were suspended as leeches by inputting tag:leech is:suspended in the Browse window. But you can’t use that for a filtered deck, because filtered decks never gather suspended cards.

One workaround would be to use Ctrl-A to mark all of the cards found with the above search with a flag, say a red flag, and then unsuspend them. And then use flag:1 to search for those cards in a way that a filtered deck can gather them.

(As dae mentioned, a note can have multiple cards, and while the “leech” tag applies to the whole note and therefore all of its cards, suspension applies only to individual cards. But unlike tags, flags apply to individual cards and not to notes)

Sorry, English is a second language for me, I might not be as clear as in my mother tongue. By special deck, I mean one of the options given when you’re done with a deck for the day. I select the card that are tagged “leech” so that I can revise them more often than those that aren’t tagged.

But the problem is that the card which triggered the “leech” tag is suspended, so you can’t study it with Anki unless you unsuspend it. So probably you are studying the other non-suspended cards of the note, which all share the note’s “leech” tag but are not actually leeches, and don’t really need additional study…


Oh, I’ve revised the preferences so that the leech cards are not suspended, but just tagged, so that I can study them more intently.