Change order of overdue suspended leech cards

Let’s say I have 10 cards.

  1. due today
  2. due today
  3. due today
  4. due today
  5. due today
  6. suspended, due 1 year ago
  7. suspended, due 2 years ago
  8. suspended, due 3 years ago
  9. suspended, due 4 years ago
  10. suspended, due 5 years ago

Is there a way to make Anki show me a maximum of 8 cards a day, first showing me cards 1-5, then showing me cards 10, 9, and 8?

The relative overdueness review sort order might work for you. You have to unsuspend the cards manually though.


Would that work with FSRS?

Looks like it might not exactly work for FSRS: Deck Options - Anki Manual

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relative overdueness becomes a misnomer for FSRS users

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What works the same for CM-2 as for FSRS relative overdueness. In both cases, the algorithm tries to provide, first of all, cards that you are less likely to remember.


When using the SM-2 scheduler, overdueness is determined by comparing how overdue cards are, and how long their interval is. For example, a card with a current interval of 5 days that is overdue by 2 days, will display before a card with a current interval of 10 days that is overdue by 3 days.


FSRS does not need to invent anything, it already has an R. Therefore, with this sort, it shows cards with less retrievability

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