Hide time until next review by default

I know. I just don’t remember the nickname from memory.
I did not respond to some messages so as not to divert the topic in another direction.
Too much has been written here. We need to give others a chance to speak out.

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Redditors are much more tech savvy than normal people. They are also comfortable with the quirky form of forum discussions. And in the Global South, redditors are usually part of the rich urban elite who have had quite a different experience in life than others.

The simple fact of the matter is, Anki is complicated for most people who try to use it. I’ve had more success in the past with promoting Duolingo than Anki. The simpler the UI is by default, the better it is for users.

OpenAI has a Discourse forum just like Anki, a discord server too. But would you imagine most users relying on these for help if they can not figure something out themselves with ChatGPT? I think there’s a selection bias with people in forums.

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I understand that the average reddit user is not the same as the average anki user. But I do not observe that the difference is great.
Survey Have you read the Anki manual?

I would not compare applications with a ready-made course and an application in which you have to be responsible for everything yourself.
It’s hard to get people into SRS. But if you compare ANKI with other similar (and not quite) applications, then anki is either the most popular or one of them. That is, people choose the complexity of anki because of what opportunities this complexity gives.
You can simplify the application. But then you will lose some of the current audience. And it’s not a fact that you’ll get a new one, since other applications have already taken over this market. If there is excessive complexity from which there is almost no benefit, then of course you should get rid of it.

This is not the issue that is being discussed in this topic.

You can make complexity optional by hiding times. By default that is. The users who want times can get it by toggling an option.

As I already answered, I don’t think it will benefit beginners.
But this is just my opinion, which may be wrong. Therefore, the survey is best, even considering that the audience may be more technically savvy.