When does anki immediately show card as available for review vs hide for a time

I’ve been playing with learning steps, and had a question. I tried looking around on the docs a little, but didn’t see what I was looking for (though I suspect it is out there somewhere I’m overlooking).

For some learning step times (say 1m or 10m) if I hit good on it it will show again immediately after I’ve finished whatever reviews are due so far. For longer steps (5hr and 6hr) it will hide that card until after that time limit and I won’t be able to see it as reviewable until it becomes due again.

What I’m trying to figure out is what is the cut over, specifically. I tried both 1 and 2 hours, and it still shows back up immediately. I thought I’d ask before I keep having to reset cards to prove the number. Anyone know offhand what that limit is, or able to direct me to the right spot in the documentation?

Yeah, I had an epiphany just after posting this. I was misunderstanding the placement of the steps. I was setting the larger number (1h, 2hr, etc) as the 3rd step, not the second step, so when I was hitting it, it was setting it up to be seen immediately. Looks like at as low as 30 minutes (maybe lower?) it will take it out of the review queue for a time.

And to (hopefully) be more useful for people, it looks like the relevant setting in Anki Preferences is the “Learn Ahead Limit”. Anki will show cards ahead of their due date if they come due within the amount of time set in that setting. The default appears to be 20 minutes.