Hide the group whose cards have finished studying

I would suggest an option, if possible, to Ankyweb.

I suggest adding an option to hide or show the flashcards I have studied because I have many collections and there is no point in showing the collections or rows that I have nothing to learn or review on that day

I hope you understand what I mean

Thank you.

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Instead of clicking on each deck individually, a better approach is to nest all your decks under one parent deck. You can then click on the parent deck, and the cards from each of the subdecks will be shown.


There is still room for an offer.
Sometimes I want to choose which deck to learn from.

The proposal can be changed a little, instead of hiding the decks that are not waiting, there will be an option to postpone them to the end of the list, so that the decks that you have not studied today will appear at the top of the list.

Such an option exists in e-mail servers, for example, that unread messages will appear at the top of the list.

Something to think about.