Hi, messed up some cards, easy -> 2.7y, what should i do? thx


previously i think the easy ones should appear after a longer time,
so did some manipulation, i remember is longer the interval.

now, some Qs got this:

the again 30m, hard 4d is ok,
but the good… i wish change from 1y to 6mo,
and the “easy” ofcause should come closer.

i understand i should tune myself.

how about if someone could help me return to the defaults so i can mess it up myself for trial and error?

because even today i type in the settings from ankings’ utube video,
it appears they will only take effect next time?



i reset everything back to default in the settings,

and the new made cards are more normal.

only those created before are affected by that poor setting.

ok for me thx.

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