Hey so i updated my anki a while back and the heatmap and memrise converter are doing this:

and i checked its definitely those two addons— the heatmap works but i can’t alter it, and the memrise converter doesnt work at all which is a shame:((

wait i just updated again to 2.1.38 and the heatmap works— i hope the memrise does too :))

Nope it doesnt:(

If you’re not already using it, try to install the latest memrise2anki add-on - https://github.com/wilddom/memrise2anki-extension/releases/latest

Installation Instructions:

If it won’t work and will give you the same error, I think, the best place to report it would be the GitHub issue tracker - https://github.com/wilddom/memrise2anki-extension/issues

But if you do it, please use the blue button (“Copy to Clipboard”) or scroll down the window with the error message before taking a screenshot, because the current screenshot doesn’t tell very much and not very helpful.

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