Broken Anki addon

The Memrise2Anki addon broke in the most recent update, which isn’t a huge deal, but the bigger problem is that when I downgraded Anki to an older version that addon still didn’t work. Their addon page has no developer contact which is really annoying. I even removed all my other addons just in case they were interfering, but nothing.

Anyone know how I can work around this? Or where I can find developer contact? Or how I can make the dang addon myself!? I really need this addon so not having it is a serious drag on my language learning.

The issue says “Invalid login” I’d put a screenshot but “new users can’t upload images” on this forum so…

Perhaps is him or her?

Thanks, I didn’t end up contacting him but I found a solution that only took about 10 minutes to do. Just edit a few lines of code