Help with new card order!

So currently, my deck is set up sequentially (so my cards appear in order added). My issue comes in with how my new cards are presented. I’m using front back (and reverse) to learn spanish vocab. When I set “new card sort order” to card type, I only see the front back cards first then the back cards after i view all the front back cards. That means I have to go through 114 or so vocab cards until I test the reverse of it. Not helpful at all. When I set new card sort order to order gathered, everything appears at once.
I want to set it so that my new cards show me the front-back and back-front cards in the same session relatively close to each other (about 10 cards apart), but not either all at once or having to go through one card type until I see the other.
How to I make it so the card order does this???

It is not possible to specify how close the cards are to each other

It would be detrimental to memorization as active recall requires the user to think about the answer, but if the student has seen the reverse card previously, then it would be fairly easy to guess

These are the options for Display order which can be find in Deck Options

I understand that, but I dont want to have to go through all of my front facing cards just to see the back facing cards. That would mean going through 200 or so new cards just to get to the other side

You could use filtered decks. One would select only new front-to-back cards, the other would select only new back-to-front cards, and each could have a reasonably small limit, say 10 cards.

Your search strings in the definitions of the filtered decks would be something like
deck:X "card:Card 1" is:new
deck:X "card:Card 2" is:new
or whatever your decks and cards are called.

And then sort those filtered decks by “Order added”.

So you’d use these filtered decks only for new cards, and then use your regular non-filtered decks for non-new cards (you can set “New cards/day” to 0 in the preset for your regular non-filtered decks to ensure that you never see new cards via them).

With the default 20/day limit, the reverse cards would come up after 10 forward cards were shown. The more you increase the limit, the more forward cards you’ll need to do first, and the greater your future review load will be. 100+ new cards/day will give you 1000+ reviews a day, and is not sustainable for most people.

For now, I will just be reverting back to the v2 scheduler until there is a way I can implement the 10 front 10 back system the v2 scheduler has. It’s what works best unfortunately : ( I hope one day I will have the option to go in the middle of card type and order gathered. Let me know if you find some sort of v3 scheduler settings for new card order that somewhat randomizes cards but keeps them in that v2 scheduler style of 10 10.

I just wanted to be able to have the v2 scheduler ordering back where its 10 front 10 back. Now with v3 I have to choose all front back before back front -or- front back and back front of the same card at the same time. I wish there was an in between option : (

Sorry, the v3 scheduler doesn’t work that way. If you wish to return to the old behavior, you’ll need to install an Anki 2.1.x version, then change the scheduler in the preferences screen.

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