HELP: I can't finish all the cards I have due in 1 session

Hi there,

I’ve recently incorporated several add-ons (thanks to ANKing!), and since then, I’ve encountered a challenge—I can no longer complete all my cards in one sitting. Previously, when using ANKI, the cards I answered incorrectly would reappear until I got them right within the same session. However, with the new add-ons, I now have to wait until a later time when the scheduled review is due. Is there a way to override this behavior and have the cards reappear immediately as before?

Thank you!

Perhaps one of the add-ons is delaying those cards by design? Perhaps that is its purpose, or one of its purposes.

Disable the add-ons one by one until this behavior stops, in order to identify the add-on that might be responsible. If that is its sole function, you could leave it disabled; otherwise, there might be a configuration within the add-on that you could change.

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I tried doing that, but I couldn’t find anything. I feel like there is a way to change it in options because I was also playing around with that. Do you know is there is a specific setting?

It sounds less like an add-on, and more like you’ve changed your relearning steps Deck Options - Anki Manual and/or your learn-ahead limit Preferences - Anki Manual . What are those set to?

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