Help - can't get rid of "please use check database function..." pop up, despite following suggestions, on Mac (Sonoma 14.1.2) Anki v23.12.1

Followed prior post suggestions. Nothing has worked. Got rid of the leaderboard add-on. Checked the database. Did forced sync upload. Nothing working. Still getting problem while starting Anki in safe mode. No problems with mobile though. Please help me out and thanks!

When exactly is it appearing? It happens with zero add-ons active? What steps should I take to reproduce it using your AnkiWeb collection?

Hi @dae! It happens any time I sync (regular old sync, forced one-way upload (haven’t tried downloading on my Mac, but have downloaded on my other devices without issue), closing Anki [which auto-syncs], and sync in safe mode) on my mac (doesn’t happen on my other devices, and my collection has continued to sync across devices despite). I don’t know how you can reproduce it on your end. Is there something I can provide you? Thanks!

If logging out from the preferences screen, then syncing again does not help, could you please paste the full error or a screenshot of it?

That seemed to work! Thank you so much!

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