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Persistent "Please check the database" notification

Using alpha3 – 2.1.28 (816cec4a) on Ubuntu – I’ve run into a bug where Anki keeps telling me to check the database.

I’m actually unsure what caused it. The last thing I remember doing before it popped up was adding a number of notes concerning cities in Greenland with an image attached to them. Now, every time I sync, start or close Anki, the “Please check the database” notification pops up.

Of course, I’ve tried to check the database several times, but the notification keeps popping up.

Forcing a full sync should fix it. It looks like there’s one more review history entry on AnkiWeb than on your local device, which indicates something didn’t sync properly. If you find it happens again and spot a pattern to what’s triggering it please let me know.

Thanks, that worked. I’ll let you know if it happens again and I spot a pattern.

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