Help bulk-importing from a 93-page PDF?

May I ask a favour of someone Anki-Savvy? If you can do so easily, could you import this document/ turn it into an Anki deck and then share with me? Or tips on how to do it myself (if it isn’t too difficult)?
Since I cannot post a link, please google “vocabulaire du theme education”
The first google search result is called Lexique de l’education by

Alternatively, if you know how I can find an Anki deck specifically / focused only on vocabulary for education, that is also welcome. Thank you!

If you mean the pdfs here:

You just need to copy the content to any spreadsheet program, export to csv and import the csv into anki.

Hi cqg, yes, that’s the correct link! Thanks for that suggestion - however, how do I get the content into spreadsheet form easily? When I copy paste, each line goes into a single cell. If it was separated by some character, like a ; or , then I could. Additionally I’m not really sure what format Anki takes, like do I just put “front” entries in the first column and “back” entries in the second column, like it is in this PDF? Thanks for the help

There are many tools to convert PDF to an editable format (for example .odt or .docx), once you’ve done that, you can copy and paste the contents into an spreadsheet program, export to a csv and import that csv file into Anki.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, if you have problems, please, let me know.

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