Help: Anki does not unveil any type of card after pressing space

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

I am in medschool and heavily depending on anki. Unfortunately it appears quite often, that after pressing the space bar, the cards (for example image occlusion) does not unveil but the red field stays on. However the options to answer (good, again, etc) appear.

  • β†’ I uninstalled anki, use the newest version, but the problem still occurs
  • β†’ every type of cards (cloze, image occlusion, basic) is affected
  • β†’ the only thing that helps sometimes is to press β€œy” but it only helps for the current card

thank you in advance

Please upload a screenshot.

Here is an example:

Another Problem that appears is, that the new card is covered with like a semi-transparent milky layer:

  1. Have you tried to change Video driver?
  2. What’s your Operation System?

Thank you so much!!!

I changed this video driver option and not had a single problem :slight_smile: