Hello guys I need help please!

Hello guys I need to ask frankly how to reset a stack of cards in Anki so I can relearn them all again? Pls I need to know this.

Thank you!

Select them all in the browser and then Cards-> Forget (only on the latest version of anki)

Thank you my friend. How do I know I have the latest version and how do I update?

Ok I do not understand how to do it. Can you elaborate step by step thoroughly for me please?

Here’s a picture of it in 2.1.44. You can see which version in the Anki_>about menu on mac. I’m not sure where it is on Windows but just hover through all the top menus and look for “About”

Hello my friend I looked and I have the Version 2.1.34 (8af8f565) which is not 2.1.44. How do I update on windows without losing all my own generated cards? Also I did not see on cards the option “Forget” on this version :disappointed_relieved:

How to Upgrade and Downgrade Anki Version (or use multiple!): How to Upgrade and Downgrade Anki Version (or use multiple!) - YouTube

I also have a full online course about using Anki if you’re interested in something like that https://courses.ankipalace.com

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You are a good damn Saint AnKingMed. Thanks for helping me! I had to update it first to “forgot” my cards. Iam not interesting in learning to use anki. I just need enough basics to learn with it…