Having problems when adding new notes

I have a problem when adding new notes.
Since the release of a new version(I can’t remmeber which version specifically), when I click the “add” button, the back of the last note doesn’t disappear. But the front of the last note do.
This is kinda annoying.
I have a screen shot of this.

That’s before clicking the add button.

That’s after clicking the add button.
Can someone please help me with this? I searched the guide and everything, I don’t know how can I let the back of the last note disappear when clicking the add button.
It’s really annoying. Like affecting mental health annoying.
Please. Help me.
Thank you.

By the way the current version is Version ⁨2.1.66 for mac apple silicon.

you have a sticky filed enabled on your back field!


Thank you so much for that.
Pardon my stupid mind.
I’m not good at tech in any way.

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