"Hard" and "Again" buttons are ejecting cards from learning

I just downloaded AnKing decks for step one studying and it has seemed to mess up my anki both on the web and on the app. I have double checked all of the options for the deck and made sure they match with the recommended anki settings. I have removed all of my add ons as well as deleted the anKing decks. I have also downloaded the older forms on anki and they all have the same issue. Still everytime I press again or hard the card is moved out from learning/ new and I am unable to study it again. I have found nothing online that can help me with this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you post the Card Info for a card that has had this problem? Statistics - Anki Manual

Please also post your Deck Options for the deck the card is actually in AND any parent deck you are clicking on to study.

It sounds like you may have changed your ‘learn ahead limit’ in the preferences screen to be lower than your learning steps.

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