Greyed out edit/add tools. Can't edit old cards or make new cards anymore

My Anki works fine, I can access my old decks and review them. However, I can’t add any new cards or edit old ones! I click “add” and it opens up the menu for adding a new card, however, I can’t add anything but characters from my keyboard. And when I select “add” to make a card, it gives me an error saying “The first field is empty.”
I’ve tried downloading and reinstalling Anki but nothing changed. I was able to add new cards before, I feel like something changed when I had to upgrade to windows 10 pro for work. Please help, I have no idea what’s wrong. I feel like it has something to do with my laptop since other people’s anki still correctly works.

The first thing to check is add-ons. Please see When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

Also, some screenshots of the editor window may help.

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