Giving revised cards to other users

I am a teacher who is creating Anki cards for my students. Sometimes I have to revise the cards, but the revision often does not affect the front. When my students upload the revised cards, the changes are not imported, because the card is seen as a duplicate (even though information in fields other an Front has changed). Is there any way around this problem?

Ideally I would like to be able to revise/correct cards and have my students import them without affecting the due dates.

I’m not sure if this is suitable for your workflow, but students of my university use this “hack” to force a change in one direction:

  • select all the desired cards in the deck browser
  • on the top left under “Notes” you can find the option “Find and replace”
  • replace every space with a double space → " " to " " (hard to see I know :D)
  • afterwards, replace the double spaces back to normal → " " to " "
  • because of this trivial change the notes are now regarded as edited and you can export them to your students

As ridiculous as this sounds, I can’t think of a better way right now but I’d be really happy if someone knew one.

You can test these import/export strategies by setting up another user profile (File -> Switch user -> Add) that can act as a dummy student.

Yes, that would work. It is similar to what I am currently doing. When I update the front of a card, I drop down a line or two and add the word “Updated” in red. That addition forces the update of the card, and when it pops up for study, I go in and edit the added word out. But I like you idea of adding extra spaces. Usually on these updated cards, I reset the review date as well, so that the revised card comes around soon. When exporting, one would need to export the review date.