Replace a card function?

I would like to be able to replace a card by the same card after modifying it a little, but keeping in Anki memory the learning status of the card.

If I try to explain a bit more:
I use a deck of cards with pictures on the front and names on the back built using MediaImport add-on on the basis of some pictures whose file name is the answer to give. I have already learnt this deck a lot.
But some of my cards have to be modified (picture or name on the back), even if I already studied them a little. So I would like to replace them by the new version of the same card loaded with MediaImport without having to re-write a new answer of to change the picture directly in Anki, and with Anki keeping in mind that I have already worked on the card.

I would simply like to have a “replace card” function in Anki.

Does anybody knows if that exists? Or any way to manage this issue?

Thanks a lot!


The best way to do this is by making these edits directly on the note that produces that card. You can swap out the attached picture and/or the word, Anki will update the card, and all of the card’s review history will be preserved.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
This is not what I was looking for: if I make this edits in the note Anki, then I have to make them a second time in the file of my computer to keep the modified picture in my computer.
I am looking for a way to do that only once, and have it modified in Anki, keeping in memory my learning status, and also modified on my computer.
It might not be possible…

Can you explain more about what you mean by that? Whatever picture you add in the note editor will be added to your Anki collection.

(please keep un mind that I have imported all the cards automaticaly using MediaImport, which creates cards whose question is the picture and whose answer is the title of the file= title of the picture)

So, if i think one of the cards is not ok (the picture or its title), it is not ok in Anki and not ok in my computer.

(I have to change either the picture, or the answer= title of the picture.)

If I change it in the file on my computer, then I have to re-import it in Anki, loosing the learning story of the initial card

If I correct either the picture or the answer (=the file title) directly in Anki, it works, the learning story of the card is kept, but then I have to do the modifications again on the file on my computer, to keep a picture with the correct name on my computer. Doing the modifications two times is a lot of work if it is on many cards…

Is it clearer?

Thanks a lot!

I understand what you’re saying, but it seems like you’re making unnecessary work for yourself.

  1. Why do you need a 2nd copy of the new picture on your computer, with that specific name? You’ve already got the picture that Anki added to your folder. If you’re concerned about losing your media files, there are ways to protect them (including syncing to another device, and making a backup of your folder).

  2. If your starting point is that you have the new picture with the correct name, then the only piece left is to replace the old picture with that new picture. You can actually do that by copying that file directly into your folder and overwriting the old file. The recommendation is to run Tools > Check Media after that, but since you’re using the same filename as before, it shouldn’t be as necessary.

  3. If your starting point is that you have an update for the text of the note, why do you also need to update the name of the picture outside of Anki? You’re not going to import these photos again to create notes, because you already have them.

Is there another aspect to this situation that I’m missing?

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You have understood everything, thanks a lot for your time. The solutions you propose look very good.
This folder looks very practical.
Thanks again
Best wishes to you,

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