"Ghosting" when using replay buttons


I got aware, that on iOS I always have a “ghosting” (kind of a shadow, that appears shortly), when I tap a replay button.

I use round buttons and it always “ghosts” the touchable area behind it.

I tried to maximize the touchable area in order to avoid huge buttons (see below). But then the effect gets very prominent.

Why is that and is there a way to avoid that?

span.speaker.exafile .replay-button {
padding: 10px;
margin: -10px;


I’m not quite sure, but in the iOS settings of Anki is a point “Double Tap Prevention” and when I set it too “long” it seems to help, right?

I suspect it is this: The Annoying Mobile Double-Tap Link Issue | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

The play icon is surrounded by an a.soundLink element; maybe applying some styling to that or its :hover substyle may help.

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