Styling audio replay buttons doesn't work

Hi there,

for some reason the CSS styling of the audio buttons, as suggested in the manual, doesn’t work in AnkiDroid.
So for example adding

.replay-button svg path {
  stroke: white;
  fill: green;

in the styling. In AnkiDesktop everything looks fine, but then on my phone the new styling just doesn’t show. Any suggestions?


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Its prob broken in stable version, but fixed in recents alpha versions

Please apply for alpha (may contain bugs, but it is more up to date) AnkiDroid 2.15 User Manual

also due to a certain problem, ankidroid won’t publish future alpha version in google play, until they fix it

if you know how github works, you can add a notification to your email once a new alpha version is released

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I’m using AnkiDroid 2.16alpha95 and your example styling is working there. There are some other inconsistencies with the replay button still, but the basic styling is working.

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Thanks for the replies! Gonna switch to alpha then… :slight_smile:

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