Get back a accidentally deleted deck?

I use anki for Chinese learning and have spent hours and months editing and adding new things to each card. I recently have put a new profile so that I can have a profile for Korean learning. For Chinese, it was set up in a way so that every time I closed the software it would automatically sync. I tried to sync and do the same for Korean so that every time I closed it the data will sync as well. Although, I clicked “upload to ankiweb” and it stared to sync every time I closed the Korea profile so I thought it was fine. I switched over to the profile with Chinese flashcards cards to do some reviewing but for some reason EVERYTHING got replaced to my Korean deck and now I have two Korean profiles with one having the name of what was supposed to be the chines flashcards. I didn’t know that you couldn’t sync two profiles at the same time to ankiweb! Does anyone know what happened to the Chinese Flashcards? Is there a way to get the Chinese cards back? Has everything I have done for the Chinese Flashcards been erased just like that??

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