German translation is wrong

Anki is calling a card in German a note. Which is wrong. It should still be called a card or learning card, because a card isn’t a note.

Here are some correct translations:
in English - in German

  1. card = Karte
  2. learning card = Lernkarte
  3. cards (pl) = Karten
  4. note = Notiz
  5. deck = Kartenstapel
  6. card template = Kartenvorlage
  7. template = Vorlage
  8. note type = Notiztyp
  9. card type = Kartentyp

About 6. 7. and 8. You are using the word “Notiztyp” for card template. The better word would be Kartenvorlage or Kartentyp.

Where exactly is card template translated as Notiztyp, i.e. in which window, dialogue, tooltip, button…? It’s hard to find these translation strings only by their translations.

Notiztyp is used nearly everywhere.

For example in:
“Kartenverwaltung” → select a note ->right click menu → “Notiztyp ändern”

And when you click on it and a new window pops up. The word is used there too on every place.

This translation is correct. It is supposed to say “Change Note Type…”, because you are indeed changing the note type with this menu.

Individual card templates are edited in the Cards(“Karten…”)-dialog. And there, the translation is correct (“Kartentyp”). I checked right now on Anki 2.1.42.

For more information on the difference between notes and cards, see this chapter of the official manual.