Gear icon next to each deck does not work when I click on it

I am using a macbook and I recently updated Anki to Anki 2.1.65. Any fixes? Also, any previous update files for Anki. This update is game breaking.

Do not update to 2.1.65. If you did it by accident, downgrade to 2.1.58. That’s what worked for me. Follow this it shows: apps.ankiweb .net

Scroll down and look for “alternate download site” and pick 2.1.58 or the latest to fix the gear icon. Good luck!

Whatever caused your problem, 2.1.65 is a stable version that works without issue for the vast majority of users. Recommendations not to upgrade to this version are not justified. Going through When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions is always recommended if there are issues.

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