FSRS and old decks


so many talks about new algo however I cannot find anything useful in terms of compatibility with the old decks.
I have reviewed around 10k decks, some of the cards were due and repeated for the sake of doing so (so without any deeper thoughts, it was hard or forgotten).
I tried the new algorithm and not sure how it is compatible with the already reviewed cards?
I am proposed to review some words like in 1.5 year which I am not sure about… If I press to optimize decks it can be even 40 years which is ridiculous.

Is it better to stick with the old algorithm or start from scratch with fsrs?
I heard the usage of again and hard button habbit needs to change, the question is what do we mean again and hard. What are criteria for it…

Again is for definite failure, Hard is for when it is worse than needed, but not a failure.
The bad habit some users have is to use Hard instead of Again to avoid ease hell. I guess that makes Hard mean worse than Again for some cards.

So switching to the new algorithm while having the old cards messy would make it even worse?
I am thinking of starting it again but it would mean about a 4 months to repeat all 10k cards so another option is just to continue the current SM type.

Because you can only enable FSRS for all decks, it may be bad for the existing cards if you didn’t rate them correctly. You can keep them in a separate deck, so that they don’t affect the scheduling of newer cards. If you can identify the type of cards that you tended to rate incorrectly, you can separate just them.
Technically it is possible to avoid rescheduling or reviewing the old deck with FSRS, but then it might be safer to keep it in a separate profile.
@L.M.Sherlock might know better.

Thanks, it is more clear now. I think I will continue all decks as is - it will be waste of a few months to make it straight and a difference in simulators I seen are not worth of it (like less of 10 words per day).

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