Front page of each deck - font funkiness - Mac

Hi all

Newby here.

I’ve glanced through other topics, however most focus on card fonts and graphics.

This question refers to the font type and design of the front page of each deck.

I’ve recently added some add-ons to my Anki, and it’s changed the font on the front page of each deck.

Any guidance on where to go to change this font (from being so funky) would be great. Thanks. Jase

example below:

I’m not sure if it relates to a particular add-on, or not.
Add-ons added were:

Your add-on “Beautify_anki” is probably causing this issue. Try disabling it.

Thank you for that @kleinerpirat
That did the trick.
I guess the flip side is I lose all the qualities that make that add-on appealing.
I am wondering if there is another idea that enables me to keep the add-on enabled.
Thanks again, much appreciated.

I went into the system files for Beautify_anki, and changed my chosen font for ‘theme settings’.
Thank you.