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I would like to use Text Expander and Snippety for inserting bullet points, numbered lists and other formatting in IOS. Unfortunately formating text isi limited in Anki Mobile. Why do i lose the formating when using the Snippets? Kind regards.

The editor supports pasting lists that are formatting in HTML, eg if <ul><li>some item</li></ul> is on the clipboard, pasting it into a field will add a one-item list. I don’t have any experience with those other apps, but perhaps their support can tell you if such a thing is possible?

Is it not possible to implement more styling options for Anki Mobile like Lists? Would make editing cards on the go much easier.

I hope to bring the extra functionality available in the computer version’s editor to AnkiMobile in the future, but it may take a while I’m afraid.

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We have paid a lot for anki ios. But after purchasing it i feel it is not worth for it’s price as it doesn’t have at least a half of features of free computer version. We have paid not only for the app but also for future development and enhancements.

As well as It would be nice if developers can add some features as integral parts that can be seen in essential anki addons for computer version.

To be fair, the app store page does point out that it’s intended as a companion for the computer version, and does not implement all of its features. And unlike a lot of apps that charge a monthly subscription or require you to repurchase every year or few years, AnkiMobile has not required an extra payment since it was originally launched in 2010, so the early adopters have been using it for 12+ years at this point with the one purchase, with a lot of improvements over that time.

Please bear in mind that my time is divided between AnkiMobile, the computer version of Anki, and keeping AnkiWeb running. And a lot of the work over the past few years has been on improving Anki’s architecture, to make it easier to maintain moving forward, and make it easier for the mobile clients to track changes made to the computer version. I’d love to be able to do more, but I’m working as hard as I can.

I find it quite disappointing that there is still no improvement for editing cards on iOS. Why is it not possible at least use the iOS Formating Text option :frowning:

The formatting features built in to iOS are not designed to work with arbitrary HTML, which is how Anki stores card content. The editor from the computer version will likely come in a future update, but I’m afraid it’s going to take a while longer.

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