Editing Cards on Anki Mobile or Web

I am using Anki more like a personal Wikipedia for daily medical information I need at work. It´s super easy to look up a surgery protocol for example. Therefore I would like to edit cards during work. Like insert Horizontal Lines, text colour and lists… As this is not possible on Anki Web or Mobile itself is there like an external program where I can do all the text formatting and then copy it to Anki Web? Or are there any plans that text formatting could bei implemented in Anki itself? Thanks.

Interesting approach. Would a Markdown editor (Typora/Obsidian), Voodoopad or DevonThink (Mac) and many similar note taking systems not work?

Thanks a lot for your input. The problem is that I can only use Anki Web or Mobile in hospital. I am not allowed to use an USB Stick with Anki or install Anki on my the PCs. So I would need something like Typora as a Web Application or for the Iphone or Ipad :slight_smile:

VoodooPad works on iOS. But it’s been a constant struggle to make sure it’s supported/maintained. But there are many iOS Markdown apps that are Apple/Mac/iOS cross-platform and synced via iCloud. There’s also DevonThink Mobile that syncs to DevonThink databases, with that you could build a huge library and only sync to iOS material you need.

Can I easily format the text in these iOS Markdown Apps or do I have to write the “codes”?

You use Markup and most of them have image support. Markup is easy to learn. Some are even WYSIWYG.

I think I found a nice workaround. I am using “Text Expander” and creating Snippets for highlighting, lists… So its quite easy to do the formating on the IPad :slight_smile: Thanks for your input!