Forced sync does not sync

I had an issue with my mac (full storage) which prohibited me from saving anything on it for a few minutes, from excel to anki (even after deleting a few files) so I had to shut down my computer and force quit anki.
Now storage is happy but the anki desktop version just deleted an entire folder with days of work (the one I was working on) and now shows it with the name it had ages ago, empty, while the other files used last week are updated. Strange…

The ankiweb version is fortunately updated BUT when I force a download from ankiweb to the desktop, it just doesn’t change anything.
I would back up the ankiweb version and them import it in the desktop but I can’t save from ankiweb so I am stuck now ://
First time in my life I post anything, tell me if you need a link or anything

I tried to share the folders to the discussion and a magnificent “download” button appeared, wich allowed me to import the folders to the desktop!!
sorry and thanks anyway :slight_smile:

For reference, on Anki settings, you can mark On next sync, force changes in one direction. With this, you can force a download from Anki web:


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