Lost all data on desktop

I managed to delete all my desktop card information (Windows 10). I then deleted (ALL data), and had to create a new profile to do so. Then I re-installed Anki. All my decks and information are still on the web (and on my IOS tablet.) I’m afraid to try Syncing, because I don’t want to wipe out my information that’s still on the web. How do I get that Internet data connected to my Desktop Anki.
Thanks for any help.
Lowell Christie

First sync your iOS tablet (iPad). So that will still have a good version that you can restore from even if you somehow screw up the next steps. (That sync should proceed smoothly, but if it prompts you to choose between Upload and Download, then there might be some deeper problem.)

Next, if you are already running Anki on your PC, you can go to Tools / Preferences / Syncing and turn on the checkbox that says “On next sync, force changes in one direction”.

Then click on Sync, and you’ll get a choice of “Upload to AnkiWeb” or “Download from AnkiWeb”. Make sure you choose Download.

It won’t let me sync from the desktop machine - probably because I created a new profile. It wants me to create a new account, but when I try, it realizes there is already an account with that email address. It wants an Ankiweb ID and I don’t know where to find one.

It should be the same Ankiweb account that your iPad uses. Same e-mail and password.

Almost out of luck. Evidently what I thought was my online data was just empty decks. (On my tablet also.) I had thought I was emptying a deck, but selected ALL without realizing it was choosing ALL decks. No real problem, since I can recreate everything.
HOWEVER My iPhone shows that those decks still have data! How can I force a 1-way sync from the iPhone. There doesn’t seem to be a “Tools” menu to make that choice on the iPhone.

On the iPhone, I believe you can press the blue gear wheel to get to Preferences, and then click on Syncing and then Full Sync. It should then prompt you if you want to force a one-way sync.

If you’re sure your iPhone contains a good version of your decks, then force the one-way sync and Upload from your iPhone to AnkiWeb.

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Yes, Yes, Yes. You’ve made my day! Everything recovered. I love Anki, and I REALLY appreciate your help.

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