Force flashcard always on top

Hi community,

I would like to create a deck with some flashcards automatically going on top of my review stack. So that I have to go through them every time, before I do the rest of my reviews.

I couldn’t find a solution for this. Probably my wording is off and I don’t know how to search for it.

There are some ways to impact your display ordering, but to figure out if it’s possible – What is it that sets these “some flashcards” apart?

  • Are they cards in a certain state (like New, Learn, Review)?
  • Are they specific cards that you want to review every day regardless of scheduling?
  • Are they specific cards that you want to be scheduled every day?
  • Or …?

Point 2. Every time I start studying the deck, I want to review these cards first before I go on.

That isn’t how spaced repetition is intended to work, and there’s a number of reasons why that’s not a fantastic approach to learning.

Is it safe to assume you’re aware of all that, and are choosing to disregard the scheduling and advice, and take a different path for good reasons? If so, there are ways – but which way will work best for you depends on how hobbled you want these cards to be with respect to scheduling. Will this go on forever? With these same cards forever?

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