How do I review my flashcards as much as I want?

Hello, I’m new to Anki. I’m trying to learn Spanish and my italki Spanish teacher introduced me to anki. I have the 20 something dollar app on my iphone and have already made a bunch of flash cards to help me study verbs, since that is what my Spanish teacher is having me focus on for now.

But I’ve run into a problem where after I review a deck of cards I made once, I can’t review them again. I was able to somehow review them a second time after messing around in “custom study” settings but now I am not able to review my cards again.

I’m considering just forgetting about anki and just purchasing some stacks of 3x5 cards at a local office supply store and study that way.

How do I review my flash cards as much as I want? I’m not interested in all the extra bells and whistles that comes with my anki app. I just want to take what I’ve done already with home made 3x5 flash cards and put it on my phone so I can study anywhere without having to take a stack of flash cards with me wherever I go.

I just found this forum and I’m currently exploring it to see if this has been answered already but I’m putting this post here while I’m looking incase it hasn’t been answered already.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Anki will display your cards when they are due. If you however want to study all your Spanish verbs now, a Filtered Deck is needed. These decks are easy to set up. For long term retention sticking with the algorithm will be beneficial.

A few helpful entries from the manual:

I am sure your Anki investment will lead to better learn results than classic cards, as you don’t have to schedule reviews be yourself, you can enrich your notes with speech and images and you will have it around when there is time to learn.


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